3 Tips New Years Health Resolution With Shaklee

3 Tips New Years Health Resolution With Shaklee

Saw a friend post this and it hit me to the core:

1: Don’t go for QUICK results: Nothing is worth having that comes easily or quickly. True lasting change is a process of tweaking, readjusting, failing, learning, and improving. Understand that while it may be tempting to DRASTICALLY attempt to change the way you eat and live or run your business….it’s much more effective to make small tweaks that you can sustain overtime so that the results you achieve last a lifetime.

2: Be Honest With Yourself: If you hate the gym or eating healthy – what makes you think that a new date on your calendar will suddenly change that? If you struggle to find TIME to take care of you, expecting yourself to eat healthy everyday or working out everyday is setting yourself up for failure. Make sure that you find a community that will support you and help you on your path to success.

Make sure whatever exercise routine and/or nutrition plan you begin to implement makes sense for YOUR LIFE and schedule. If it doesn’t fit into your current life with very minor tweaks—-it won’t last. Find solutions that make sense for YOU and your current phase of life.

3: MINDSET is Everything: I can 100% guarantee you that your health goal will not become reality in 2020 if you do not work in your mindset! Your MIND is what makes or breaks your journey. It’s not our physical body. It’s the stories we tell ourselves. Train your mind to be your biggest believer and cheerleader and everything will change. Your drive to achieve must come from Inside of YOU. It’s no one else’s responsibility.

2020 is the year for Shaklee and the CEOs partnered with Shaklee.
As we go into 2020 our growth is going to explode. I’m so grateful that I get to work with you all to innovate, invite, follow up, post on social media, and to never give up. I love Shaklee, I love what we get to do, and I love working TOGETHER! Here’s to 2020 let’s make big things happen!
Who’s with me?

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