Shaklee OsteoMatrix

Shaklee OsteoMatrix

Shaklee OsteoMatrix offers comprehensive nutritional support for bone formation and maintenance. Provides 1,000 mg (100% DV) of calcium from concentrated, soluble sources and 400 IU vitamin D (100% DV) to facilitate calcium absorption. OsteoMatrixTM also supplies 400 mg (100% DV) of the bone mineral magnesium, and vitamin K (50% DV) to support skeletal mineralization. The trace minerals zinc, copper and manganese (10% DV) are included as enzymatic co-factors for bone matrix synthesis, and boron for its role in mineral metabolism.* This balanced formula is delivered in small, easily swallowed caplets to promote patient compliance.

Dosage and Administration Osteomatrix

Adults and teens take 2 coated caplets twice daily with meals, or as advised by a physician.

Lifestage (years) Calcium RDI (mg/day)

9-18 1300
19-50 1000
51+ 1200
Pregnant and/or Lactating (up to 18) 1300
Pregnant and/or Lactating (19+) 1000

How Supplied

Bottles of 120 or 360 caplets (30 or 90 servings).


Those with existing medical conditions should check with their physician prior to using this or any dietary supplement product. Calcium intakes greater than 2,500 mg daily, the tolerable upper intake level, is not advised. Contains vitamin K; monitor patients taking anti-coagulants.

Scientific Rationale

Calcium supplementation is clinically shown to help maximize the genetic potential for peak bone mass during growth years, and to help slow loss of bone mineral density (BMD). Attaining maximum BMD is difficult, and later bone loss is often more pronounced, when dietary calcium intake is below the RDI, which is the case for many Americans. OsteoMatrixTM is delivered in easily-swallowedcaplets to promote compliance. Nutrients other than calcium are instrumental in promoting BMD.

OsteoMatrixTM is formulated to help achieve optimal levels of vitamin D, when combined with a multi-nutrient supplement such as ShakleeVita-Lea® orShakleeVita-Lea® Gold. Dietary shortfalls of other bone-requiring nutrients such as vitamin K, magnesium, and trace mineral co-factors, can also occur. In addition to supporting skeletal health, adequate intake of calcium and/or vitamin D helps support colorectal health, retain normal blood pressure, and reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms.*

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