Shaklee Pure Performance Athletes Earn 16 Medals

Shaklee Pure Performance Athletes Earn 16 Medals

We are so proud of all 37 of our Shaklee Pure Performance Rio athletes and the 16 medals earned. The hard work, determination, and pure heart they put into every day leading up to and during the Rio games was truly inspiring. Congratulations Shaklee Rio 2016 Athletes !!!


Adeline Gray, WrestlingAmanda Elmore, Rowing, GOLD medalAmanda Polk, Rowing, GOLD medal
Amro El Geziry, Mod Pent
Ashley Nee, Canoe/Kayak
Chloé Dygert, Cycling, SILVER medal
Corey Cogdell, Shooting, BRONZE medal
Courtney Hurley, Fencing
Courtney Mathewson, Water Polo, GOLD medal
Donna Marie Vakalis, Mod Pent
Eleanor Logan, Rowing, GOLD medal
Emily Regan, Rowing, GOLD medal
Isabella Isaksen, Mod Pent
Ismael Marcelo Hernández Uscanga, Mod Pent, BRONZE medal
Jason Pryor, Fencing
Jiaqi Zheng / 郑佳奇, Table Tennis
Kaleigh Gilchrist, Water Polo, GOLD medal
Kami Craig, Water Polo, GOLD medal
Katelin Snyder, Rowing, GOLD medal
Keith Sanderson, Shooting
Kelly Hurley, Fencing
Kerry Simmonds, Rowing, GOLD medal
KK Clark, Water Polo, GOLD medal
Lily Zhang, Table Tennis
Lauren Schmetterling, Rowing, GOLD medal
Maggie Hogan, Canoe Kayak
Margaux Isaksen, Mod Pent
Martha McCabe, Swimming
Matt Emmons USA, Shooting
Meghan Musnicki, Rowing, GOLD medal
Melissa Seidemann, Water Polo, GOLD medal
Michal Smolen: Canoe Slalom Athlete, Canoe/Kayak
Morgan Craft Athlete Page, Shooting
Nathan Schrimsher, Mod Pent
Omar Elgeziry, Mod Pent
Tervel Dlagnev, Wrestling
Wu Yue Table Tennis USA, Table Tennis


The Shaklee Pure Performance Team represents the over 100-year Shaklee commitment to creating safe, proven, and 100% guaranteed nutrition that gives athletes the healthy edge they need to win at the highest levels of competition. To ensure they’re not only getting the performance and efficacy they need to compete, but also guaranteed quality and purity, these world-class athletes all choose to use Shaklee products. Led by pentathlete and Beijing Games competitor Eli Bremer, The Shaklee Pure Performance Team athletes have won a combined 137 gold, silver, and bronze medals at the Summer and Winter Games throughout the years. The team now includes 78 athletes powered by Shaklee, with 37 competing at the Rio games. These athletes have some of the most stringent regulations in sports, so what they put into their bodies is critically important to them.

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