Shaklee Vivix Hot Babes Selfie

Shaklee Vivix Hot Babes Selfie

Pleas make sure, control your eyes, hot babes selfie, super mama, ireach, and absolutely Shaklee Independent Distributor (SID) from Malaysia want to present to you VIVIX, super liquid supplementary products that make you feel enthusiastic, fantastic, futuristic, artistic and authentic. I don’t want to promote all the girls above, because every not available, some of them are mother of four beautiful children, some live in Tangkak, some they call Queen of Vivix and some of them are Master Coordinator in Shaklee. Its all about the power of Vivix, this our main point, not the girl. However, why not I tell you story about them.

Not Know Then Not Love ? Hot Babes Selfie

I just recognize some of them, so please give me permission to explain, to introduce to you all this girls, but you can search all this name by google ok ? All this girls are super power fantastic, so experienced in business. Lets begin with hot babes selfie

Aziana – this girl only one step to get master coordinator, a blogger from Kuantan and got daughter name Husna
Dilla Jalil – young lady from Ipoh, with husband work at police station, Apeh Dolah, a super popular ireach superstar emcee.
Anies – tall girl live at Johor Baharu, do business shaklee offline, got new spa, i guess.
Kak Miah – really iron lady with group name GMF, from Sand Mosque, Melaka.
Hanum – Master Coordinator, I think she from Kelantan, never hear she speak “kelate”
Kak Lin – owner, founder of  popular fan page, talk about motherhood, parenting, and gossip.
Ekin – like go to class go everywhere, love to open booth, and print all the supermom shaklee story to do business.
Hani Kamila – last time supermoms team visited her at Ipoh for supermom master program 2014
Lydzar – she is the wife of  Din Sado, head of iReach Fit program. Now live in Bukit Bandaraya, Shah Alam. Her husband like go jogging and exercising, and fans of Liverpool Football Club
Nurul – she’s the one who initiate this picture, with the help of her husband mr Akmal Azmi to design this beautiful poster and ask every member of iReach to selfie with Vivix. She’s the founder of Butterfly team, and always post food recipe on Facebook.
Ija Ramli – a lovely wife of Abam Munzir, photographer, graphic designer, engineer, reporter, promoter,   and entertainer in iReach Boys Team. Ija Ramli got special skills in heart touching techniques.
Dr Najihah Mutalib – one of the phd holders in iReach family. Bring thesis to US last 2014, make correction when everybody is sleeping. Always selfie last Shaklee trip to Long Beach.

Kidney Stone Disappear ?

One of the girls appear in the Vivix poster above is Puan Suhaila Abdul, a physics teacher from Sand Mosque, Malacca. What makes she love Vivix and Shaklee ? You can google Supermom Shaklee Story, find above picture with Malay version testimonial about her. She was suffered from skin beauty problem, plus with irregular period condition. She felt pain at her waist,  and doctor confirmed she had kidney stone problems. That’s was the turning point of this great teacher, ask her sister in law, Kak Miah, to consume Vivix. Me and my wife, heard this story when we had lunch together at Pantai Dalam last month. That’s make her love Shaklee products, and she add extra Collagen Powder in her diet. Now everyone don’t believe, she looks younger than before.

No Biopsy After Vivix ?

I never heard about this Nephrotic Syndrome, untill I discover one of the Supermom members, Tinie Badri share her story about her husband Mr Rosdi . Mr Rosdi, selfie with his daughters, believe in this special poly-phenol blended supplementation. You can watch their video at YouTube, with heart feeling, feel grateful to Allah, it was Vivix help Rosdi to get better health and no need for steroid for his kidney problems. After consume Vivix, doctor said all his readings go back to normal.

Grab Your VIVIX SHAKLEE NOW From Hot Babes Selfie

Do you want to pay thousands of hospital bills  ? or just RM 500 per month for VIVIX ? Grab your vivix today. You can click down the link below for online payment, where shaklee will post your vivix to your house/office. Call us now, we will deliver your vivix. We accept COD in Shah alam, Klang, Petaling Jaya, Menara TM, and UM. Gets your vivix NOW.

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