Success In Shaklee

Success In Shaklee

The foundation stones of honesty, faith, love and loyalty are necessary for a balanced success of HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS. Read several tips success in shaklee written by out former president mr victor lim


A) Company – We have to love the company as Shaklee provides us the resources to realize our dreams and live in a better life. There are many ways to show our love. We can do it by supporting all the training and events organized by the company. We can express it by supporting and qualifying for all the campaigns, promotions and incentive trips organized by the company. We also could do it by sharing the products and business opportunities of Shaklee to people we know.

B) Products – Love the products. We may share the benefits of the products and our own testimonials to people we know. This is the way to show we love the products and love the people we know. By doing so, many people will be benefited and live in a much healthier life.

C) Our organization – Be a mentor to our organization. Always extend our helping hands whenever they face challenges in building their career in Shaklee. Be a good listener whenever they need someone to listen to their problems and give them our valuable advices when they need it. Be a cheerful leader to our organization. Recognize and motivate them when they are doing the right things and progressing positively.

D) Love our upline – Be grateful and love our upline. He or she is the one who introduce us to Shaklee otherwise we might not know the business opportunity and great products offered by Shaklee. Love our upline as she/he is always there to support us, advise us and cheer us up when we are not doing up to expectation. He/she is always the first to congratulate and recognize us when we are performing in our career.


A) Company – Loyal to Shaklee. The only thought appears in a Marathon runner’s mind is to cross the finishing line and be the champion. It is the same for all successful Shaklee’s leaders. Their aim is to be the Master Coordinator in Shaklee by helping more people to stay healthier and live in a better life. They keep focused in promoting the business opportunities offered by Shaklee. They only share Shaklee’s products. We can’t expect our downlines to keep focused and loyal to Shaklee if we are not leading them by example.

B) Loyal to our organization – Loyal to our organization as they have put so much of trust and faith in us to support and enrich their lives. Guide them to the greatest success in Shaklee.

C) Loyal to our upline – Be thankful to our upline as he/she invests his/her time to coach and guide us to the road of success in Shaklee. We should give our full supports and participate in all the events and training organized by our upline. By doing so, we are showing a good example to our downline. In return, they will give us their full supports and participation.

Social networking promotes harmonization and team work. Duplication is the key of success in this business. Your organization will duplicate everything you do in this business. Positive duplication will bring you great success in Shaklee. You and your family will live in good health, wealth and happiness. We are the champion. Be the champion in Shaklee.

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